Lindsey @at_home_with_linds

How would you describe your personal style? 

Answer – Natural tones and raw materials are my main love, wood, metal and plants. Layers of textures with a quirky approach.

What’s one design “rule” or piece of advice you always follow?  

Answer - Follow your heart, not trends.

In your opinion, what’s the key to creating a home you love?  

Answer - Surround yourself with things that make you happy when you see them. If you aren’t obsessed with what you’re looking at then what’s the point having them in front of you everyday? 

What are some things in the interior design world you’re loving right now? 

Answer - I absolutely love seeing people being brave with their homes. It’s such a good feeling to think outside the box then look back at the finished result with nothing but delight with what you’ve done. I also love to see people up cycling second hand items. I’d say approximately 70% of my decor is second hand, it’s fabulous to be experimental with the pre loved world as it has a lot to offer.

How did you get into interior design? Any advice for people who are passionate about design, but don’t know where to start? 

Answer - Whilst studying fashion, art and textiles for years I had a little insight into interior design and being rather quirky and experimental with my fashion I was extremely excited to be able do the same with my home. If you don’t know where to start then maybe get some inspiration together and create yourself a mood board. Begin with a small project of your own without overwhelming yourself by trying to do too much at once, one step at a time.

What’s your favourite design project, DIY, or room you’ve ever done? 

Answer - I would have to say my children’s bedrooms, being able to create a space that’s full of character for them to love but keeping it calm and serene I find such a satisfying task.

What are you working on right now that you’re particularly excited about?

Answer - Being a freelance artist I need my own creative space at home so I am currently changing one of the bedrooms upstairs into my very own studio.

Let’s talk rugs! What do you look for when choosing a rug?  

Answer - A rug for me always has to be neutral but have its own little quirk, it could be ever so subtle but in its own way, stand out a mile. 

What do you feel like rugs can do for a room? 

Answer - I can’t have a room without a rug, I feel a rug gives that layer of texture which brings warmth and cosy feelings. I also feel like it is the perfect finishing touch to any room.

Choosing the right rug can feel like a big decision! What advice do you have to pick out the perfect style?

Answer - The rug visualizer is an absolute game changer for this, a rug that you would never think to buy could look absolutely fantastic in your room. I think choosing a rug the same style as your room can seem obvious but I’ve mixed bohemian decor with a vintage style rug in the past and it’s looked marvellous. Maybe just don’t go for the obvious choice but be sure to USE THE VISUALIZER!

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram? 

My favourites have to be @margo.hupert.art @marzena.marideko @hiermitmir @miss_rusticarrow and @jade.doutch.

What’s your design pet peeve?  

Answer - I would definitely say that I don’t have one, I think it’s only fair that everyone should be able to express their style in a way that they choose to. That’s the joys of being able to follow what you like and scroll past what you don’t.

What’s your design guilty pleasure?  

Answer - I have a terrible way of not wanting anything that isn’t neutral anymore. I actually got rid of a coffee machine in the past because it had a red cable and I couldn’t stand it. It’s ridiculous haha.

This or That! 

  • Neutral or bright?  - Neutral 100% 

  • Jute/Natural or Cosy rugs? I have a jute/natural layered with a cosy so can I say both? ;)

  • Old or New – Again both! I love mixing eras and bringing them all in together to create character.

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