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• You can return your items within 14 calender days of receipt

• They must be in as new unused condition in original packaging.

• Arrive to us in a resaleable condition, Fully covered by packaging

• If you need extra packaging please contact us.

• We will not refund any rug sent in bin bags.

• If items are returned outside of these terms there will be a restocking charge which will be deducted from the refund amount. This amount will be dependent on condition and resell value.

• Please do not fold/crease rugs - rugs must be rolled up as received.

If you receive a faulty or damaged rug please notify us upon arrival. Please note this to the courier if possible. Please upload images clearly showing the fault or courier damage in our return centre portal so we can make a faulty claim from the manufacturer or courier.

Please note that manufacture faults must be claimed within 7 days of receiving your rug.

Please be aware it can take up to 5 working days for us to receive a decision from the manufacturer's technical team regarding a faulty claim. If the manufacturer is unable to make a decision based on the images supplied they may ask to collect the rug to inspect it. If they deem the item not faulty it will be returned to the customer. If a faulty claim is accepted they will issue a replacement.

Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour and design, actual colours and design may vary slightly, due to different device screen settings, the lighting in the location and other factors. Rug Love will not accept responsibility for any colour or design differences that are not actual factory faults. In purchasing from Rug Love, you agree to accept the small risk that there may be a slight variation between the actual colour and design, and the representation on our website.

We provide more comprehensive product specifications than other Rug Stores - To assist you in making the right choice for your needs & avoid disappointment - For example Pile Height, Pile Weight, Backing, Material composition ect. We are the 1st Rug store to offer an augmented reality Rug visualiser, To allow you to see all our products in your space and assist your rug selection, Despite this buying an item online cannot compare to seeing the item in person, if you are seeking something very specific or trying to colour match to existing decor we would recommend visiting a Rug store in person.

In addition, please be aware that some colours are subjective and often vary between manufacturers; for example, slightly different shades of ‘White, Ivory, Cream, Beige. Any returns for a product due to customer dissatisfaction with a colour (that is not a fault) will need to follow our usual returns policy and a full refund will be provided. If you are trying to colour match to existing decor or require a very specific shade, We would recommend visiting a rug store in person to avoid disappointment. PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER.

Along with most online only rug stores unless the item is faulty the cost of the return is the customers responsibility. The customer is responsible for booking & arranging their own collection & return to us. We no longer book any returns on behalf of customers, due to courier surcharges from incorrectly wrapped packages.

Generally, To return a small rug up to size 120 x 170cm the cost is circa £6-£8. To return a Large & XL rug 160 x 230cm or 200 x 290cm the cost is circa £14-£25 depending on size/weight. Whilst courier costs are beyond our control, Unlike some Rug stores we prefer to be upfront & transparent regarding potential return costs of what can in some cases be large bulky items - To avoid negative feedback. If potential return costs are a concern we would recommend visiting a retailer with a physical presence to allow the return of items in person rather than via courier. Our customers benefit from much lower prices and a wider selection than the high street & delivery is always free and included in the price, unfortunately we are unable to also offer free returns. PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER.

Some rugs due to the way they are woven are prone to what is known in the rug industry as sprouting or pilling. This is where some strands/threads of the pile appear to be longer than the rest of the pile. When this happens all you need to do is trim any longer strands with a pair of sharp scissors. it is important you do not pull these long threads as this can damage your rug.

Being a commodity most rugs are subject to pile flattening due to use and traffic. a plush high pile rug (4 cm +) will flatten most. short pile/ flatweave rugs 0.8 cm and under will be least affected. If pile flattening is a concern, We would recommend a short low pile rug under 0.8 cm pile height made from polypropolene as the best option. Pile flattening is not a manufactuering fault, We would not replace a rug on this basis as ultimately the replacement will also flatten with use. Likewise being a commodity rugs will display signs of wear depending on several factors, including rug placement, sunlight, traffic volume, pets, furniture ect.

•Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you.

•A credit will be applied to the original method of payment.This can take up to 7-10 working days to arrive into your account, we are unable to speed up this process - Once you have had the refund email we have sent your refund.

Our Returns Address Is: Rug Love Returns, CW Flooring 436 Ormskirk Road WN5 9DF

The customer is responsible for ordering the correct size. We always ask that you measure your space before placing an order with us, If you have ordered the incorrect size and need to exchange, a good tip is you can place newspaper down on the floor to your required size and measure it - Then select the nearest size.

Please note any collections arranged by the manufactuer for faulty goods are an all day appointment - We are unable to provide a time slot for collection, None of our couriers offer a weekend collection service. Please bear this in mind before placing an order. Collections of large rugs 160 x 230cm and above will require access to a printer for the label. None of our couriers are able to collect at the same time as delivering a new exchanged item - We no longer send out the new item until we have received the original item back, due to customers failing to return items to us.

Rug Love is not responsible for any failed or late courier collections.

A common characteristic of all wool & genuine sheepskin rugs is shedding, this is when the fibers come away from the rug. This is a natural and common feature of wool rugs, not a manufacturing fault. Shedding: All wool rugs will shed. Shedding will subside over time, depending on traffic and wear. It typically takes 20-25 vacuums, at a minimum, to curtail shedding. Some will shed for the lifetime of the rug. We are unable to accept a wool or genuine sheepskin rug that sheds as a faulty return. If shedding is a concern we would advise against purchasing a wool rug, instead a machine made rug of man made materials would be more suitable.

Our Handmade & 100% Jute rugs are made by hand as such they will have inconsistencies known as ‘Abrash’ which means natural and variable change in colour, yarn, stitching & texture that occurs in hand made rugs along with some natural fibre loss. It gives the rugs life and character and ensures you have a unique rug. If inconsistencies are a concern we advise against purchasing a hand made or 100% natural rug, instead a machine made rug from man-made materials would be more suitable.

Due to the way rugs are packaged and stored you may notice that when you unroll your rug there are lines or crease marks running across the width of it. On some rugs, there may only be one of these marks a few inches from one edge of the rug, whereas on some other rugs (especially our budget polypropylene pile rugs) there may be several creases. These lines/creases are not permanent and will gradually fade with normal use and regular vacuuming.

Our rugs are stored rolled up in their plastic wrapping to ensure they stay in brand new condition. Because when they are stored they are stacked on top of each other they can sometimes get a bit flattened when they are rolled up. This means that they will not lay completely flat in the first few weeks of unrolling them. This is similar for example to when you buy a new shirt or even a pair of curtains which will be creased when you first take it out of the wrapping but whereas these items can be ironed flat very quickly rugs take a little longer. Larger-sized rugs are usually more affected than smaller sizes as they weigh more when they are stacked on top of each other. This is not a fault with the rug; it is only temporary until the rug takes to its new shape being rolled out. Some rugs have a stiff backing which needs time to soften in a warm environment and take to its new shape being rolled out. You can speed this process up by rolling the rug in the opposite direction to the way it was rolled in its packaging (pile outwards). Roll it as tight as you can and leave it somewhere warm (such as near a radiator) for a few days. You should find that the rug will gradually flatten until it does lay flat. This can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the type of rug you have purchased.

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