Jo @thenewfrontwall

How would you describe your personal style? 

Answer – Bold, encompassing, fun and practical.

What’s one design “rule” or piece of advice you always follow?  

Answer - I follow the guide if it doesn’t look nice or it isn’t practical then it doesn't have a place in the home!

In your opinion, what’s the key to creating a home you love?  

Answer - Fill your home with things with meaning, treasures you have collected along the way, special gifts, objects that fascinate you or stir emotions. Don’t be scared to use your home, enjoy it.

What are some things in the interior design world you’re loving right now? 

Answer - I love dark colours, contrasting pattens, brass hardware and with the ongoing pursuit of sustainability - the love of up-cycled and vintaged furniture

How did you get into interior design? Any advice for people who are passionate about design, but don’t know where to start? 

Answer - I have always loved design but it wasn’t until I decided on a career change after having my children that I went back to the studies and got a qualification in it. Whether it's for a hobby or a career, it’s never too late to learn

What’s your favourite design project, DIY, or room you’ve ever done? 

Answer - The home study is one of my favourites, especially since working from home has become such a thing with COVID. We decided to give the room the specific role of being a place to work & study. I always been in awe looking at the libraries in the beautiful National Trust houses that I love to visit. I wanted to capture a little of that in my home. Bespoke Bookcases are SO expensive so I did a hack using an IKEA Havsta unit. You can see it on my insta @thenewfrontwall. I was thrilled with the look of my library wall for a fraction of the price!

What are you working on right now that you’re particularly excited about?

Answer - The tiles have just arrived for my ensuite so I can’t wait to see them up on the wall

Let’s talk rugs! What do you look for when choosing a rug?  

Answer - Size, texture and pattern

What do you feel like rugs can do for a room? 

Answer - Oh SO much. For me a rug is the finishing touch. It adds depth and texture to a room and can pull all of your decor together. A room can look beautiful and you may think its complete, then add a rug and watch it improve even more!

Choosing the right rug can feel like a big decision! What advice do you have to pick out the perfect style?

Answer - Think about the use of the room, is it a high traffic area, is it mainly covered by a coffee table? Do you have a toddler dropping crumbs or pets with muddy feet?  Then a deep piled or faux fur rug may not be practical. Short weave or jute rugs are great for these spaces. Pattern hides a multitude of sins and can really pull the room together. Find a pattern that encompasses the colours in your room - monochrome look amazing with anything!

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram? 

Oh there are so many, I love the insta home community for inspiration, support and ideas. I love accounts that push their comfort zones, try new things and aren’t scared to make mistakes

What’s your design pet peeve?  

Answer -  Matching sets!

What’s your design guilty pleasure?  

Answer - TV’s never look stylish and always look so ugly in a room but I can’t do without mine!

This or That! 

  • Neutral or bright?  - Depends on the room but I love pattern

  • Jute/Natural or Cosy rugs?  I’m all for practical so I couldn’t cope with a deep piled rug in my home!

  • Old or New – I love vintage furniture but it’s always lovely to have something brand new too!

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