Tara @OurLayeredHome

How would you describe your personal style? 

Answer - Colourful, mix-match, inspired by nature. Old meets new! I just like what I like and don’t limit myself with ‘trends’. Maximalist - more is more!

What’s one design “rule” or piece of advice you always follow?  

Answer - Do what you love! You learn by just going for it, paint can always be covered, things can always be changed, so just do what makes you happy! People worry a lot about selling to potential future buyers years before it’s even going to happen, life too short to decorate your home for someone else!

In your opinion, what’s the key to creating a home you love?  

Answer - Filling it with things you love! Ignore trends and just focus on the things that make you smile. My instagram handle @ourlayeredhome is because I love adding layers to our home, I’ll start the process of decorating and to some it looks ‘finished’ but it can take months til I’ve really completed that homey feel by adding more and more in! I’m definitely a maximalist!

What are some things in the interior design world you’re loving right now? 

Answer - Painted murals. People daring to create something unique in their home that no one else will have!

How did you get into interior design? Any advice for people who are passionate about design, but don’t know where to start? 

Answer - I’ve always bee creative and loved upcycling clothing and bits, then when lockdown 1.0 hit I really found time to dig deep and experiment! Even with my toddler in tow… I started sharing all my budget upcycles and plans on Instagram and my following just grew, because everyone was home and looking to create expensive looks for less. If Interior Design is something you want to do, start in your own home and put yourself out there, you never know who’s watching!

What’s your favourite design project, DIY, or room you’ve ever done? 

Answer - Currently… our lounge, it’s had 2 lockdown makeovers ha! It went from very beige and brown to very bright and fun, with a pink painted floor, patterned wallpaper and plants! But I do have lots of other makeovers I’m working on and they’ll probably top it at some point because I’m feeling particularly daring ha!

What are you working on right now that you’re particularly excited about?

Answer - Oo… a lot! We’re still trying to finish off our garden which has been going on for months! Then I’m completing our dining room with my biggest painted mural yet! Our bedroom is finally on the list where I’m making my own built in wardrobes and oversized headboard and our little tiny utility is also in for some action soon ha!

Let’s talk rugs! What do you look for when choosing a rug?  

Answer - Size… size is everything for a rug, and different rooms call for different things! In our lounge and bedrooms I’ve layered a few contrasting rugs which I love, where as our dining room is still awaiting that perfect rug!

What do you feel like rugs can do for a room? 

Answer - Complete it - a room just doesn’t feel complete without one in my eyes! It softens the echo of a room and I even like to change them up depending on the time of year too!

Choosing the right rug can feel like a big decision! What advice do you have to pick out the perfect style?

Answer -  Making mood boards really helps me visualise if a rug is the right match… and measure as well, even plot out the size using masking tape so you can see clearly where it’ll sit.

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram? 

Answer - Oo… for me, colourful interiors will always have my heart, so I love: @lucytiffney @___duundich__ @banyanbridges

What’s your design pet peeve?  

Answer - Hmmm… maybe not design pet peeve, but decorating pet peeve… prep work!! In some cases it really is a must, I just wish it didn’t take as long ha!

What’s your design guilty pleasure?  

Answer - PINK! With a husband and a son, I’ve managed to slip it into every room so far… but I’m always working on adding more!

This or That! 

  • Neutral or bright?  - BRIGHT!
  • Jute/Natural or Cosy rugs?  - BOTH… depends on the room!
  • Old or New - BOTH… I love giving old stuff a new lease of life, but I love mixing that in with new stuff too! Have your cake and eat it.


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