What Rugs Make a Room Look Bigger?

Welcome to the Rug Love Blog, where we share our passion for interior design and rugs, and how these elements play into creating beautiful, spacious rooms. For those of us living in snug spaces, the challenge often lies in making them appear larger and more welcoming. Well, the secret lies in well-chosen décor and the clever use of rugs!

In this piece, we will guide you through our top tips for selecting rugs that help in expanding the perceived size of a room. Natural light, light-coloured palettes, and well-picked furniture are key, but the right rug can significantly enhance this illusion of spaciousness.

Unveiling the Magic of Rugs in Small Spaces Rugs, apart from their practical function, bring a unique design aspect that can either make or mar the vibe of a space. Choosing rugs for small spaces demands careful consideration. An ill-sized rug can appear awkward and out of place. Sarah aptly likens a rug to a life raft, insisting that every piece of furniture should somehow connect with it.

Below are a few pointers to help you find that perfect rug that enlarges your space:

  1. Light-Coloured Rugs - Your Best Friends Cool, light tones are recommended by us to deceive the eye into perceiving a larger space.
  1. Lines and Stripes – The Illusion using striped rugs with lines perpendicular to the room's longer walls, thereby visually widening the room.
  1. Texture - Minus the Clutter In small spaces, you need to strike the right balance with texture without creating visual clutter. A light shag rug is a smart choice to add depth and class without overwhelming the space.
  1. Cool-Toned Rugs - We suggests using light, cool tones as a clever visual trick to create an impression of larger space.
  1. All-Over Pattern Rugs – Keep it Interesting, Keep it Neutral A rug with a large-scaled, neutral pattern is ideal for a small space. It provides texture and interest without being overpoweringly busy.
  1. Solid or Monochromatic Rugs – Simplicity Works When in doubt, go simple with solid or monochromatic rugs in light, neutral hues to make your small room appear larger.


Using a monochrome rug can make a room look bigger.

Before you commit to a rug, try our rug visualiser which can help you visualise different rugs in your space.

Finally, remember that wall-to-wall broadloom carpets can also make a space feel larger due to their continuity. In terms of colour, lighter tones tend to reflect more sunlight, contributing to an open and expansive feel. If you're considering patterned carpets, ensure the pattern size is proportionate to the room size. Smaller rooms might be able to handle larger patterns if not much furniture is present, while larger, furniture-filled spaces may require smaller patterns.

Choose wisely, and even the snuggest of spaces can feel spacious and inviting with the right rug!

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