How Should a Rug be Placed in a Bedroom

A bedroom bereft of a rug feels strangely unfinished. The rug is that final piece of the puzzle, the masterpiece in your décor that amplifies the beauty of your furniture, floor, and even your walls. Yet, to leverage its impact, you must master the optimal placement strategies.

So, we at Rug Love have put together this comprehensive guide on how to perfectly position area rugs in your bedrooms:


  1. Rug Placement at the Bed's End
  2. Rug Placement Under the Bed
  3. Rug Placement Beside the Bed
  4. Layering Rugs Under the Bed
  5. Highlighting Furniture Surrounding the Bed with Rugs
  6. Understanding Your Rug's Shape


A popular technique is to display an area rug at the foot of your bed. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If the rug's width is equal to or smaller than the bed's, maintain a 12" to 18" space around the rug for an impressive effect.
  • If the rug's width surpasses the bed's, let the upper part of it sit just below the footboard.


Concealing a rug under the bed is a traditional yet effective method, but there are several distinctive approaches:

  • Partially under the bed: Only the upper 6"-18” of the rug should be tucked under the bed. Maintain symmetry and keep 12” to 24” of the rug on each side of the bed. For this style, medium or oversized rugs work best.
  • Majority under the bed: Most of the rug is slid under the bed, occasionally even under the nightstands. Ensure that 2.5’ to 3’ of the rug peeks out under the footboard. This method is suitable for larger rugs in roomy bedrooms.
  • On a slant: For larger bedrooms, consider setting a medium-sized rug under a bed corner at an oblique angle for a stylish look.


Having a rug on the side of your bed can be unconventional but is quite effective in large spaces or when the bed is against a wall.

For spacious rooms, position small area rugs (typically 3'x5' or 4'x6') on each side of the bed with 12" to 18" of exposed floor around them. If the room doesn't have enough space for a full rug, runners can create a similar effect.

When the bed is against the wall, a small or medium rug beside it can dominate the central space and serve as a powerful focal point. If you're unsure about the rug size, check our rug size guide or placement guide.


Rug layering is a hidden gem in bedroom décor. Layer different area rugs varying in shape, size, colon, and texture for a dynamic look.

The key is your matching ability. A rule of thumb: choose colours that are opposites on the colour wheel (like red and green, blue and orange, etc.). Another tip is to place the lighter-toned rug under the bolder one for maximum impact.


The rug doesn't always have to pair with the bed; it can be a standalone element, paired with other pieces like accent chairs, dressers, etc.

With rugs and accent furniture, you can create unique, focused spaces in your bedroom. For example, a cosy reading corner can be made by placing a rug under a large accent chair, completed with an end table and floor lamp. Other setups might include a rug under a dressing table or console.


A crucial aspect of bedroom rug placement is the shape. The rug shape should complement the room's layout and furniture size. For instance, medium and oversized rugs work well with a king-sized bed, while small to medium rugs uplift a queen-sized bed's appeal.

Round rugs can enhance any bedroom layout, adding a playful touch, while rectangular rugs lend a universally elegant and formal feel. Square rugs might not suit typical beds but can accentuate lovely nooks or layer larger rectangular rugs with a solid colour scheme.

We hope this guide assists you in designing an exquisite bedroom with the ideal rug placement!

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