How to Place a Rug With a Corner Sofa

How to Place a Rug with a Corner Sofa: Expert Tips from Rug Love

Arranging a rug near a corner sofa can be challenging. We suggest selecting a more compact rug for simplicity. The best approach is to align the rug with the 'L' form of your sofa, ensuring equal spacing between the rug and the sofa on all sides. At Rug Love, we've got your back. Here's our guide on seamlessly integrating a rug with your corner sofa.

1. Opt for the Right Size When working with a corner sofa, it might be tempting to go big with your rug, but sometimes less is more. A smaller-sized rug can often fit more harmoniously with the corner sofa layout. It's not just about covering floor space; it's about creating a balanced visual appeal.

2. Centre is the Key The magic happens when you find that sweet spot. Aim to position the rug so that it's centred within the 'L' configuration of your corner sofa. This ensures that your setup looks deliberate and stylish, rather than accidental.

3. Keep it Symmetrical Symmetry can elevate the aesthetics of your living space. Once you've centred your rug, double-check that there's an equal expanse of space on each side, between the rug and the sofa. This equal spacing offers a neat and organized appearance.

With these pointers in mind, you can create a cosy and inviting space that feels both functional and fashionable. At Rug Love, we're all about helping you make the most of your décor. Dive into our collection to find the perfect rug to compliment your corner sofa and elevate your living space!

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