Cut a Rug to Size With Washable Cove Rugs.

Rug Love: Introducing the Revolutionary Washable Cove Rugs

We’ve always believed in the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” It's that intimate space that reflects our style, choices, and quirks. And at the heart of this heart, lies our flooring, adorned by the choices we make – our beloved rugs.



Enter the Washable Cove Rugs

Imagine a world where rugs mold to your wishes, and your whims, a place where the shape and size are not dictated by the manufacturer but chosen by you. Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to the world of Washable Cove Rugs!

A Cut Above the Rest

The standout feature of the Cove Rugs is the freedom to cut them to any shape or size. Yes, you read that right! Whether you want a semicircle rug for your entrance, a triangle for that tricky corner, or perhaps a hexagon for your living room centre – with Cove Rugs, the only limit is your imagination.

Concerned about fraying? Worry not. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that even when these rugs are trimmed, they remain as flawless and fray-free as the day they arrived.

Mix, Match, and Create!

Monochromes are classics, but a pop of colour never hurt anyone! Our range offers a spectrum of hues and patterns, allowing you to pick more than one, mix and match, and create a masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.

If you’re feeling particularly artistic, how about creating a jigsaw type rug? Combine different shapes and colours to come up with a piece that's more than just a rug – it's a reflection of you. With the Cove Rugs, your floor can transform into an art canvas.

Why Washable Cove Rugs?

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we understand the need for things to be hassle-free. And that’s precisely what our rugs promise:

  1. Washable: Drop some wine or spill some coffee? No more heartbreaks. Just toss the rug in your washing machine, and it emerges as good as new!

  2. Durable: The Cove Rugs are made to last. Even with multiple washes, they retain their texture and colour.

  3. Eco-friendly: We care for the planet as much as you do. Our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, and the materials used are sustainably sourced.


Flooring fashion has seen countless trends come and go, but the Washable Cove Rugs promise to be timeless. Their adaptability, style, and user-friendliness make them an ideal choice for any household.

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So, why wait? Dive into the world of Cove Rugs and let your imagination run wild. Because every floor deserves some Rug Love!


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