How Do You Style an Edwardian House?

How Do You Style an Edwardian House?
by Rug Love

A sophisticated Edwardian-inspired room, adorned with muted green walls and a vintage black fireplace as its centrepiece. A circular mirror with a unique dual-tiered sconce hangs above, while soft-toned artworks complement the wall. The space is elegantly anchored by a large pastel-hued rug, with accents like a plush footstool, gold-toned shelving, and verdant potted plants adding period-appropriate charm

The Edwardian era, spanning from 1901 to 1910, stands out as a pivotal period in interior design. Homes from this time exhibit a unique blend of classic elegance and forward-thinking modernity. But how do you perfectly capture the essence of this era in today's homes? Let's explore!

1. Embrace Light and Airy Ambiance:
Edwardian interior décor exudes a delightful blend of elegance and lightness. Think of spacious rooms, large windows, and an abundance of natural light.

2. Dive into Pastel Hues:
The era favoured pastel hues, offering a soft and inviting aura to the living spaces. From muted pinks to soft blues and greens, these colours can transform any room into a serene Edwardian retreat.

3. Wallpapers and Artwork:
Complement your pastel tones with floral and embossed wallpapers and artwork, all deeply inspired by Art Nouveau aesthetics. This gives depth and texture to your walls, creating a more dynamic space.

4. Elegant Flooring with Rugs:
While Edwardian homes often boasted intricate wooden flooring, you can further accentuate this with the right rug. Given our expertise here at Rug Love, we recommend opting for rugs that feature delicate patterns or pastel colours to match the Edwardian vibe.

5. Furnish with Period-Appropriate Pieces:
Think of handcrafted wooden furniture, often in mahogany or oak, with gentle curves and fine detailing. These pieces not only look timeless but also add to the authenticity of your Edwardian styled home.

6. Add Decorative Elements:
Ornate mirrors, vases filled with fresh flowers, and delicate china are just a few examples of how you can add the finishing touches to your Edwardian-inspired interior.

A Traditional Edwardian Lounge

In Conclusion:
Styling an Edwardian house requires a delicate balance of the old and new. By embracing the elegant, light, and airy design principles of the era, and incorporating pastel hues and Art Nouveau-inspired décor, you can effortlessly transport your home back to the early 20th century.

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