10 Décor Trends for Adult Bedrooms

10 Bedroom Décor Trends for the Modern Adult: Merging Style and Comfort with Rug Love

Creating a contemporary and stylish bedroom that exudes modern adult sophistication requires a blend of trending elements and timeless sensibility. With an eye on what’s en vogue, let's explore how you can infuse these trends into your bedroom décor, from the ground up with Rug Love.

1. Begin with a Statement Rug

Rugs with bold patterns or textures are currently in vogue. Start with a rug that makes a statement—think abstract designs, vintage styles revived, or sustainable materials. This sets the tone for a chic and updated look. A rug from Rug Love can serve as the centrepiece from which all other design elements take their cue.

2. Neutral Palette with Bold Accents


Neutral paint colours remain timeless, but the trend is to pair them with bold accent colours. Think of warm ivories paired with rich navy or soft greys with vibrant mustard. These contrasts are not only stylish but also versatile, allowing for seasonal changes or mood shifts.

3. Furniture: Mid-Century Meets Modern


Mid-century modern furniture has made a huge comeback, characterised by its clean lines and functional form. Pairing these pieces with contemporary materials such as metals and glass can create a fusion of old and new that's very much in trend.

4. Layered Textures

Texture in interior design is more important than ever. Combining a variety of textures is key to a trendy bedroom look. A plush rug, combined with smooth leather, soft cotton, or linen bedding, adds depth and interest to your space.

5. Ambient Lighting

Sculptural lighting fixtures that serve as art pieces are a hot trend. Choosing the right lighting—like a statement pendant light or modern sconces—can act as artwork while offering adjustable ambiance.

6. Monochromatic and Minimal

The trend of monochromatic colour schemes isn't waning. Applying various shades of the same colour can create a serene and collected look. A monochrome rug can anchor the room without overpowering it, perfect for achieving this minimalist aesthetic.

7. Geometric & Artisanal Balance

Incorporate geometric shapes and artisanal pieces for a balanced look. Geometric patterns in rugs, pillows, or art can be offset with handcrafted, artisanal accessories. This mix is on-trend, providing a global and personalised feel to the bedroom.

8. Natural Elements

Adding natural elements to your bedroom is a must-do trend. Live plants, wooden furniture, and jute or sisal rugs from Rug Love contribute to a sense of wellbeing and bring the outdoors in.


9. Personal Gallery

Artistic expression is key in modern bedrooms. Create a personal gallery wall with a mixture of your favourited prints, personal photos, and original art. This adds a bespoke element to your space that’s always in style.

10. Smart Storage

Functional furniture with built-in storage is a trend driven by the need for uncluttered spaces. Think beds with drawers underneath, storage ottomans, or bespoke closet solutions. These pieces keep the bedroom tidy and tranquil.


Incorporating these trends will transform your bedroom into a stylish, adult space that feels both current and cosy. At Rug Love, we offer a selection of rugs that can serve as the foundation for these trendy elements, ensuring your décor is cohesive, contemporary, and chic.

Explore our collection to find the perfect rug to start your bedroom's transformation, and enjoy crafting a space that not only follows the trends but also creates a refuge that resonates with your personal style.

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