Bohemian Bliss: A Customer’s Showcase of Rug Love's Tribal Design

Bohemian Bliss: A Customer’s Showcase of Rug Love's Tribal Design

Greetings to our beloved Rug Love community! We're beyond thrilled to share a room transformation from one of our dear customers that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of bohemian design. This bedroom oasis beautifully showcases one of our favourite rugs, and we're sure you'll be as inspired as we are!

Bohemian-style bedroom with tribal-patterned rug, rattan bed frame, green wall accents, and eclectic wall art.

1. The Tribal Touch The centrepiece of this room transformation is, undoubtedly, the tribal-patterned rug. Its monochromatic design, with dashes of contrasting patterns, instantly adds depth and character to the space. It serves as a grounding element, drawing the eye and providing a touch of warmth to the wooden flooring.

2. Rattan and Greenery - A Match Made in Heaven Pairing our rug with rattan furniture, like the intricately designed bed frame, brings in an organic texture that's both trendy and timeless. The potted plants only elevate this natural feel, ensuring the room remains a breathable space, full of life.

3. An Array of Artistic Flair The posters on the wall, especially the William Morris design, hint at a love for classic artistry. These artistic choices, coupled with the array of sunburst mirrors, make for a wall that's both eclectic and elegant.

4. Subtle and Serene Colour Palette The soft green wall complements the neutral shades of our rug, creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Accent pillows in muted green and soft lighting further enhance this sense of calm.

5. Playful Bedspread While our rug boasts a more muted palette, the bedspread adds a splash of playful colours, making the room lively and youthful. Its floral and fauna embroidery offers a delightful contrast against the geometric patterns of our rug.

Wrap Up This customer’s showcase is a testament to the transformative power of the right rug. From tying together various elements to grounding the entire space, our tribal-patterned rug proves once again to be a favourite.

Seeking similar inspiration for your room? Dive into Rug Love's collection, where each piece is crafted with love and designed to inspire. Remember, your room is a canvas – let our rugs help you paint your masterpiece!

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