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Rugs, whether new or old, may undergo some light to moderate shedding. It's important to note that shedding doesn't always indicate a damaged or poorly made rug. Some materials naturally shed initially. However, if your rug sheds, there are ways to minimize this shedding and reduce its duration. Alternatively, you can opt for non-shedding rugs to eliminate this concern completely. To choose the best rug for your home, understanding why rugs shed, how different rugs shed, and how to minimize any shedding is key.


Rugs might shed due to the materials they're made from. Certain natural materials like wool initially shed because of fibre splitting and dropping off. However, this doesn't mean that wool is an inferior rug material. In fact, wool is exceptionally sturdy and durable, and is more prone to shedding in the early stages. In such cases where the material is of high quality, the shedding will naturally lessen over time.

Conversely, your rug might shed if it's of lower quality. Low-quality rugs might not have tight weaves and quality fibres, making them more prone to shedding initially and throughout their lifespan.



The amount a rug sheds depends on the rug's materials and construction. Handmade rugs tend to shed the least due to their tight construction and fibre usage. Here's a brief overview of the best non-shedding rug types and materials.

FLAT WEAVE RUGS: Regardless of whether your rug is made of natural or synthetic materials, flat weave rugs are constructed in a way that strongly discourages shedding. These rugs usually won't shed since they don't have a cut pile or friction being applied to the thread ends. If you want a wool rug that sheds minimally, flat weave wool rugs could be your perfect solution.

NATURAL FIBRES: Cotton and silk are two natural, non-shedding rug options. Often used in hand-woven, flat-weave, or braided rugs, these fibres, along with their construction and weaves, reduce shedding and create durable rugs.

OTHER NATURAL RUGS: Animal hide and leather are other natural materials that don't shed. While often associated with animal-shaped or natural hide rugs, animal hide and leather strips are often used to create non-shedding rugs in various shapes.

SYNTHETIC RUGS: Typically, rugs made from synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon, and viscose don't shed. This is partly due to the machine-made nature of these rugs and their man-made fibres. They may only shed if the rug is poorly made.

LOW-SHEDDING JUTE RUGS: Traditional jute rugs tend to shed initially due to natural fibre breakage. However, non-shedding or low-shedding jute rugs, often blended with other fibres to combat shedding, are available. If you opt for a traditional jute rug, there are many simple ways to manage any shedding and stop the rug from shedding altogether.



Even with the above-mentioned rug materials, you may face some shedding during the rug's initial days and weeks. Materials like jute, sisal, and wool are inherently prone to shedding, but shedding management and prevention are straightforward. The simplest way to stop rug shedding is regular vacuuming. Using a rug pad to reduce friction on the threads and trimming loose fibres are other methods. Ultimately, a shedding rug is a temporary concern, and the rug will shed fewer fibres over time.

Some rugs we recommend that don't shed

1. Modern: Aurora AU02 Cloud.

2. Outdoor: Patio Diamond Mono

3. Flat Weave:  Moda Prism Blue

4. Plain: Washable Faux Fur Natural

5. Traditional: Topaz Rose and Cream


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