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Deciding on the perfect living room rug for your home can seem like a daunting task. With many elements such as size, colour, style, and weave to consider, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Even when armed with this knowledge, identifying the perfect rug to match your interior can be a challenge.

To assist you, we at Rug Love have compiled this comprehensive guide on how to choose the ideal rugs for living rooms. By examining our expert advice, you can confidently select a rug that enhances your décor and fits seamlessly into your home.

Understanding Your Living Room Rug

One technical aspect of rugs that's crucial to consider is the fibres. Identifying the best rugs for living rooms largely depends on the rug's fibre composition. The anticipated usage of the rug and its users – whether it's in a high-traffic area, will it accommodate pets or children, will it bear furniture, or serve as a comfy sitting spot – are all relevant factors.

Synthetic Fibres

Polypropylene: A synthetic fibre known for its high stain and wear resistance. Though it can be cleaned with a part-bleach solution (with retailer approval), it's flammable and doesn't self-extinguish. It's less suitable for spaces with open fireplaces or heavy furniture.

Polyester: This water-resistant, quick-drying fibre closely resembles wool in appearance and feel. Oil-based stains can be challenging to remove from polyester rugs.

Natural Fibres

Wool: These durable, warm rugs are great for adding insulation during winter and are relatively easy to clean. Wool is also flame resistant, making it an ideal choice for placement near a fireplace. However, wool may not withstand acid spills like juice or wine well, and it can shed over time.

Wool-Mix: Blending wool with a man-made fibre can minimise shedding and help the rug maintain its shape. These blends are quite durable and cheaper than pure wool rugs but may have a slightly shorter lifespan.

Jute: This soft, natural fibre rug suits rustic interiors and typically comes in neutral shades. Jute rugs are relatively inexpensive but are not as durable as other natural fibre rugs.

Sisal: Highly durable and ideal for high-traffic areas, sisal, another natural fibre, stains easily even from water and is tough to clean.

Consider the Rug's Purpose

What do you want your living room rug to accomplish? Whether it's unifying the room, anchoring furniture, or simply adding carpeting to the centre of the room, the rug's pile plays an important role. For instance, a plush shaggy rug is excellent for lounging, but it might not be the best choice under furniture.

A well-placed living room rug should be balanced, centralised, and leave equal proportions of carpeted to non-carpeted floor space. The furniture arrangement should also reflect this balance.

The Household Factor

The practicalities of your household should influence your rug choice. If you live in a home bustling with children and pets, your rug should withstand accidents and spills. Darker, patterned rugs can mask minor stains and are excellent for high-activity spaces.

Room Characteristics and Your Style

How you use the space and its inherent characteristics should also guide your rug choice. If you often sit on the floor, opt for a thicker rug for comfort. If you're using the rug to warm the room's décor, thickness might not be a primary consideration.

Patterned rugs can visually enlarge a small room, while lighter, neutral colours can create an expansive feeling. If you're after a cosy, quaint vibe, choose busier, darker coloured rugs with more patterns.

Your personal style and the room's existing décor should resonate with the rug. If you're redecorating, it's often suggested to choose the rug first and then build the room around it. If not, ensure the rug complements the existing décor.


What size rug should I choose for my living room? The size of the rug depends on the style you're aiming for. It can vary from a small centrepiece to a larger rug creating a warm atmosphere.

How can I match my rug with my couch? Matching can be achieved through tone, pattern, and texture. For instance, choose a rug in the same tonal palette but in a different shade, or use accent colours in cushions and throws that match the rug's colours.

What’s the best rug material for high traffic areas of the home? Wool and Jute are robust natural fibres suitable for high-traffic areas. Polypropylene is a synthetic option mimicking the characteristics of natural fibres while being easier to clean.

Choosing the perfect living room rug can indeed transform your space. Once you've considered aspects such as rug care, material, and practical needs, you're one step closer to finding the perfect rug for your living room with Rug Love!

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