What Rugs are in Fashion?

In pursuit of the latest rug trends? You've arrived at your destination as we've compiled a list of the hottest rug styles currently making a statement in the interior design arena.

Our rugs not only provide warmth and softness to hard floors, but they also serve as an incredible avenue to inject colour, texture, and showcase your individual style.

With a mesmerising spectrum of materials, weaves, colours, and patterns, there's a rug for every aesthetic, ranging from versatile neutral rugs for a layered design approach, to striking feature rugs that double as pieces of art.

If you're in search of a rug for your living room, bedroom, or simply seeking some inspiration on the latest interior design trends, continue reading to discover the trending colours, materials and rug display techniques adored by interior designers at present.

CURRENT RUG TRENDS Moving into 2023, the natural world remains a key inspiration for rug trends and interior design in general. Natural materials, rustic textures, and earthy colours are predominantly in demand. There's a growing trend of brands investing in rug collections made from recycled materials, and homeowners preferring antique designs and handcrafted rugs using traditional techniques.

Feature rugs with bold geometrics, abstract designs, and captivating shapes continue to be popular. Borders and edging are also rising in popularity as a method to add decorative detail to minimalistic spaces.

  1. Rugs Made from Natural Fibres: Dining room accentuated with a jute rug

In an effort to reduce environmental footprint, many homeowners are favouring sustainable, natural materials. Rugs made from plant fibres like Jute, sisal, coir, and seagrass, which are both biodegradable and renewable, bring an array of tones and textures that add an organic touch to interiors. These materials are highly durable and ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and living rooms. As seen above, a Jute rug adds essential texture to a neutral, rustic scheme in a dining room.

  1. Geometric Rugs: Living room featuring a geometric rug

Geometric rugs are prevalent now, standing out for their versatility. Small-scale chequered rugs introduce easy-to-live-with colour and pattern, while larger-scale abstract designs, like this one from our Boho collection, make an exceptional focal point.


  1. Rugs with Borders: Featured is the Esme Plain Bordered Rug in Cream

Rugs with decorative elements around the edges, like scalloped or chequered borders, are a fantastic way to introduce a gentle pattern into your space. Interior designers use these motifs as a clever visual strategy to add depth and emphasise certain aspects of a room.


  1. Colourful Moroccan: This stunning colourful rug enhancing using colour to this lounge area. 

Traditional Moroccan rugs, this Berber-style rug is a fresh take on the traditional, timeless & distinctive. Decorated with graphic patterns for a delicately Bohemian style

  1. Washable Rugs: Dining Room, natural palette with a Moroccan style cream patterned rug

Relatively new to the market these washable rugs are making a big splash in the market. Perfect for placing under a table. Easy cleanable and machine washable. Look out for our new and exciting ranges.



  1. Antique Rugs: Placed right in front of a cosy fire place these beautifully crafted rugs set the tone for a warm cosy sitting room

Antique rugs, displaying superior handcraftsmanship and often unmatched quality, continue to be popular among interior designers and homeowners seeking traditional decorating ideas. They also fit remarkably well in contemporary settings.

We often use antique rugs as a starting point for our schemes due to their beautiful colours. It helps to build confidence in decision-making as they can envisage the colour scheme from the beginning,

  1. Neutral Rugs: Bedroom featuring a white sheepskin rug

Neutral décor is in vogue currently, and the beauty of it is that it never truly falls out of fashion. Opting for a neutral rug provides a flexible base for a room since it can be paired with various looks - layer it with a subtle range of warm neutrals for a soothing, sophisticated ambiance, or use it as a blank canvas for layering brighter colours and patterns.


  1. Outdoor Rugs: Outdoor space featuring a palm leaf design

With more people embracing outdoor living, weatherproof outdoor rugs made from synthetic materials are becoming increasingly popular, helping to extend the indoor aesthetic to the garden or patio area. 


  1. Rugs in the Kitchen: Inspiring modern kitchen ideas

A rug is a great way to introduce elements of texture, colour, and pattern to a kitchen, which often has many hard surfaces and sharp angles. It softens the room, adds warmth and comfort, and helps with acoustics by reducing noise impact.

Adding a rug or runner near the sink helps protect the floor from spillages and prevents slippery surfaces.

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