What is Viscose?

Understanding Viscose: The Silk Alternative

At Rug Love, we often come across design enthusiasts and curious shoppers asking about the intriguing material called 'viscose'. So, let's delve into what viscose really is.

Viscose is a unique, semi-synthetic fabric derived from wood pulp, a natural and renewable resource. One of the standout features of viscose is its remarkable similarity to silk. This is due to its smooth texture and exquisite drape, which mimics the luxurious feel of silk without the hefty price tag.

But why is viscose so popular, especially as a silk substitute? The answer lies in its versatility. Not only does it possess the sleek, fluid quality of silk, but it also offers the benefit of being more affordable and sustainable, thanks to its wood pulp origins.

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In the world of rugs and home décor, viscose is cherished for its softness, sheen, and the way it beautifully captures and reflects light, much like silk. Next time you're looking for a luxurious touch without straying from eco-friendly options, consider viscose – a blend of nature, science, and artistry.

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