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Rug Love: Why You Should Use Carbon Neutral EcoCart on Checkout

At Rug Love, we believe that beautiful home decor shouldn't come at the cost of the planet. That's why we're proud to partner with EcoCart to offer carbon neutral shipping at checkout. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also benefits you as a customer. Here are some of the advantages of using EcoCart at checkout.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Shipping can be a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change. However, with EcoCart, we offset the carbon emissions from the shipping of your Rug Love order. This means that your purchase will have no net carbon emissions and is therefore carbon neutral. By using EcoCart, you're taking a simple step towards reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet.

Support Environmental Projects

EcoCart uses the funds from carbon offsetting to support environmental projects that remove or reduce carbon emissions. For example, EcoCart has supported projects that provide clean energy, protect forests, and reduce landfill waste. By using EcoCart at checkout, you're not only offsetting your own carbon emissions, but you're also supporting these vital environmental initiatives.


Easy to Use

Using EcoCart at checkout is easy. Once you've added your Rug Love products to your cart, simply select EcoCart as your shipping option. EcoCart will then calculate the carbon emissions associated with your shipping and offset them. You'll receive an email confirmation of your carbon neutral shipping and the environmental project that your offsetting has supported.

Transparent and Accountable

EcoCart is committed to transparency and accountability. They publish regular reports on their carbon offsetting projects and the impact that they're having. This means that you can be confident that your carbon offsetting is making a real difference.

By using EcoCart at checkout, you're taking a simple step towards reducing your carbon footprint and supporting vital environmental projects. You can enjoy the benefits of carbon neutral shipping without any additional cost to you. So next time you're checking out your Rug Love order, be sure to select EcoCart as your shipping option and do your bit for the planet.

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