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Rugs Over Carpet: A Style Guide by Rug Love

At Rug Love, we know how a well-placed rug can turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Among our customers, one frequently asked question is whether to place a rug over existing carpeting. This topic ignites debates among interior design enthusiasts, with some favouring the idea for its aesthetic appeal and others opposing it. We believe that when executed correctly, layering rugs over carpet can create a beautifully harmonious and segmented space. Let's discuss some design tips that will help you ace the rugs on carpet look.

Exploring Texture Diversity

The key to nailing the rug-over-carpet style lies in diversifying the textures. A contrast in textures gives the setup an appealing visual depth. Pair a thick, plush carpet with a woven or low-pile rug or do the reverse if you have a low-pile carpet. This contrast prevents the rug from blending into the carpet, creating a distinct and attractive layer.

Pattern Play

A rug is an excellent way to introduce pattern and character into a space, particularly if your carpet is a solid, neutral colour. You can opt for on-trend geometric designs or go classic with distressed Persian rugs. Remember, this is a cost-effective way to keep up with trends without having to replace your entire carpet.

Bold and Beautiful

Contrasting colours can indeed be overwhelming in some instances. However, when done right, a vibrant, intricately patterned rug over a darker carpet can add a refreshing touch of drama and intrigue to your room. Don't shy away from experimenting with colours and designs that catch your eye.

Colour Coordination

Adding a colourful rug over a neutral carpet can harmonize the colour scheme within a room. A rug in a bold, modern colour over a traditional pattern can work wonders. However, ensure the colours do not clash with your existing décor or carpet.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of your rug depends on its purpose. Are you introducing pattern, segmenting space, or simply covering as much carpet as possible? If you're making a bold statement with a patterned rug, smaller might be better. If segmenting your space, consider introducing different rugs that complement each other.

Keeping Your Rug Flat

To prevent unwanted ripples and keep your rug in place, anchor it with furniture around it. Alternatively, you can use non-slip mats underneath your rug to provide an extra layer of stability.

Confidence is key when mixing and matching rugs and carpets. With these tips at your disposal, we believe you can create a tasteful combination that elevates your living space. Remember, rugs are a cost-effective way to revamp a space without having to replace your carpet. So, explore our extensive collection at Rug Love and bring home the rug that catches your eye. Happy styling!

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