Round Out Your Living Room Décor with a Circle Rug

Circular elements can break the monotony of lines and edges in your living space, adding a touch of softness and freshness. And, what could be a better option to achieve this than styling your living room with a round or circle rug? The flowing form of a round rug brings a unique dynamic to a room, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Here's a guide to help you flawlessly style a round rug in your living room.

1. Finding The Perfect Size

Selecting the right rug size is crucial for achieving harmony in your room. The size depends primarily on the dimensions of your living room and your furniture layout. As a rule of thumb, ensure that your rug is large enough so that at least some of your furniture pieces can sit on it. Alternatively, in a smaller room, the rug can sit entirely under the coffee table.

2. Positioning Matters

The rug's placement can dramatically impact your room's look and feel. Place it at the centre of the room to create a focal point. If your living room furniture is placed against the walls, consider putting your round rug in the middle to tie everything together.

3. Play With Shapes

The beauty of a round rug lies in its contrast with more angular furniture. For instance, a circular rug can soften the appearance of a square or rectangular coffee table. However, don't be afraid to pair it with a round coffee table, as long as it's either significantly smaller or larger than the rug to create contrast and avoid a "bullseye" look.

4. Colour and Pattern Choices

Whether your living room has a neutral palette or bursts with colour, your round rug should seamlessly blend in. Choose a rug colour that complements your existing décor or a bold colour to add a touch of excitement. Don't shy away from patterned rugs as they can add visual interest and depth to your living room.

5. Material and Texture

Consider your lifestyle and the rug's purpose while deciding on the material. If you want a rug near your sofa for a warm underfoot feel, opt for plush materials like wool or shag. For high-traffic areas, durable materials such as jute or sisal would be more suitable. Also, play around with textures to add a sense of dimension and comfort to your room.

6. Layering Round Rugs

If you're feeling adventurous, layer your round rug over a larger, rectangular rug. This not only adds depth and interest but also helps in defining spaces within your living room. Ensure that the colours and patterns of both rugs coordinate with each other.

Incorporating a round rug in your living room can make a stylish impact, breaking up the straight lines of your furniture and adding warmth and comfort. Remember, the best interior design reflects personal style, so don't be afraid to bend these guidelines to suit your taste. Your home, after all, should be a reflection of you. Happy decorating! 

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