Love's Woven Tapestry: A Tribute to Rug Love

A Poem for you from Rug Love. We hope you Enjoy x

In a realm where woven threads embrace,

From Rug Love's heart, a tale takes place.

With colours vivid, patterns bold,

A story of art and warmth unfolds.


Oh, the dance of fibres fine,

The weaver's craft, the artist's shrine,

Where threads of love entwine and twine,

To create these rugs, these gems divine.


From Persia's sands to Morocco's plains,

From Turkey's bazaars to India's rains,

Each rug, a treasure, love's refrain,

A testament to hands that never wane.


The rug, a tapestry of life and dreams,

A canvas where our heartache gleams,

A place to rest and share our love,

A gift from artisans above.


Upon these rugs, our memories lie,

A record of laughter, tears, and sighs,

The fibres whisper tales of old,

Of stories shared, adventures bold.


A sanctuary to rest our feet,

A woven space, our hearts to meet,

In Rug Love's arms, we find reprieve,

The comfort of home, as we believe.


So let us cherish these rugs, my friend,

Their beauty, warmth, and love extend,

From Rug Love's loom, a world to mend,

A tapestry of hearts, forever blend.


All our Love The Rug Love Team x

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