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Welcome to another edition of Rug Love, where we bring you the finest rugs from around the globe, adding the perfect touch of luxury and style to your home. In today's post, we'll be exploring the exquisite collection of rugs from Asiatic, a renowned British brand that has been transforming homes with their stunning creations for over 50 years. With an array of designs, materials, and textures, Asiatic rugs are a beautiful addition to any living space.

Aurora Rugs AU01 in Dune Gold - Modern Abstract Design in front of a SofaAurora Rugs AU01 in Dune Gold - Modern Abstract Design

A Brief History of Asiatic:

Asiatic was founded in 1960 by Soli Kelaty, who had a passion for beautiful rugs and a vision to make them accessible to everyone. Over the decades, Asiatic has grown into one of the most respected rug suppliers in Europe, known for its innovative designs, exceptional quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction. By sourcing materials and artisans from around the world, Asiatic has created a diverse and unique range of rugs that cater to every taste and budget.

Why Choose Asiatic Rugs:

  1. Timeless Designs: Asiatic's design philosophy is rooted in tradition, yet infused with modernity. Their collection includes classic Persian rugs, contemporary geometric patterns, and everything in between. No matter your aesthetic preference, you're sure to find an Asiatic rug that complements your home.

  2. Unparalleled Quality: Asiatic rugs are made from high-quality materials like wool, viscose, and polyester, ensuring durability and comfort. Their commitment to craftsmanship guarantees that every rug is a work of art, built to withstand the test of time.

  3. Eco-Friendly: Asiatic prides itself on its commitment to sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials such as jute, recycled PET, and bamboo silk, ensuring their rugs have minimal environmental impact.

  4. Affordable Luxury: With a wide range of price points, Asiatic rugs cater to all budgets, making it possible for everyone to experience the luxury of a premium rug in their home.

Asiatic Rugs Collection Highlights:

  1. The Fine Art Collection: Inspired by the world of fine art, this collection features abstract and impressionist designs, using a mix of vibrant and subtle colors. Made from 100% viscose, these rugs have a luxurious feel and a lustrous sheen that adds depth to any space.

  2. The Antique Collection: Featuring traditional designs with a distressed, vintage feel, the Antique Collection is perfect for those who love the charm of bygone eras. Crafted from 100% polypropylene, these rugs are both durable and easy to maintain.

  3. The Natural Collection: For those who prefer a minimalist, organic look, the Natural Collection offers rugs made from eco-friendly materials like jute and wool. With their neutral tones and subtle textures, these rugs add warmth and understated elegance to any room.

  4. The Kids Collection: Asiatic's Kids Collection features playful designs, bright colours, and soft textures, making them perfect for a child's bedroom or playroom. Made from 100% polypropylene, these rugs are both soft underfoot and easy to clean.


Asiatic rugs offer an incredible range of designs, materials, and price points, making them a go-to choice for rug lovers everywhere. Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your living room, a pop of colour to your bedroom, or a cozy feel to your child's play area, you'll find the perfect Asiatic rug to elevate your home's style. Explore the world of Asiatic rugs at Rug Love and discover the perfect piece for your home today!

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