Can Outdoor Rugs be Left Outside

The Seasonal Care Guide for Your Outdoor Rugs by Rug Love

At Rug Love, we believe in giving our rugs the utmost care they deserve. Outdoor rugs are a fantastic addition to any patio or backyard, providing both comfort and style. They're crafted to resist most external conditions. However, there's an essential care tip we'd like to share with our cherished community.

Outdoor rugs are crafted to resist most external conditions. However, if they remain outside without any foot traffic, it increases the chances of moisture and mildew settling in. Over a period, this can lead to mold growth and potential discoloration.

Storing Rugs During Winter

We strongly recommend storing your rugs during the winter months. Not only does this protect them from extreme cold and prolonged moisture exposure, but it also prolongs their life and ensures they remain vibrant and fresh for the seasons to come.

Guide to Storing Your Rugs:

  1. Clean the Rug: Before storing, give your rug a thorough cleaning. Vacuum to remove any dirt or debris and, if needed, give it a gentle wash with mild detergent. Ensure it's completely dry before storing to prevent mould or mildew growth.

  2. Roll, Don't Fold: Rolling your rug will prevent creases and folds. Always roll with the top side out to protect the rug's fibres.

  3. Wrap it Up: Use a breathable fabric, like cotton sheets or a rug storage bag, to wrap the rug. Avoid using plastic as it can trap moisture and lead to mould.

  4. Store in a Dry Place: Keep your rug in a cool, dry area, preferably off the ground. This will protect it from any dampness or potential water damage.

  5. Regularly Check: Even while in storage, it's a good practice to check your rug every few weeks to ensure it remains dry and free from pests.

A garden shed is ideal to store outdoor rugs in the winter months

At Rug Love, we're passionate about ensuring your rugs remain a lasting part of your home. By following this guide, you're not only preserving the beauty of your outdoor rug but also ensuring it remains a beloved piece for years to come.

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