Best Colour for a Calm Bedroom

Rug Love Presents: Serene Hues for a Restful Bedroom

Each evening, the place you retire to greatly influences the tranquillity of your sleep. While the mattress undeniably plays a central role in our sleep quality, have you ever pondered the role of colour in this equation?

Colours have a profound impact on our emotional states, subsequently influencing our sleep patterns. A distressed or agitated state can make drifting into slumber a challenge. On the contrary, when we are at ease, sleep arrives effortlessly.

If you're contemplating a bedroom makeover or selecting new linens, embrace colours that lull you into rest and rejuvenate you upon awakening.

Can Colours Shape Sleep Quality? Beyond doubt, colours mould our emotional responses and behaviours. Colours can be harnessed to summon a gamut of emotions, from agitation to serenity.

Holistic interior design consultant, Suzy Chiazzari, notes, "The ambience of your bedroom, predominantly its colour palette, profoundly influences the quality and duration of your sleep." Hence, curating a bedroom infused with peaceful tones can foster a positive energy aura, propelling better sleep.

Opt for muted and pastel colours over their vibrant counterparts, as the latter can invigorate rather than relax. Recognizing how colours sway your emotional equilibrium can empower you to design a sleep sanctuary.


Rug Love's Palette for Blissful Sleep When considering the choicest bedroom hues, it's essential to align with colours that elicit feelings of security, relaxation, and joy. Here's our curated list of sleep-enhancing colours and their inherent benefits:

  1. Blue Most visualizations of tranquillity are painted in shades of blue. Representing trust, stability, and a sense of calm, blue is ever-present in our daily lives through the expansive sky and vast oceans. Notably, a Travelodge study highlighted that blue-themed bedrooms resulted in the most rejuvenating sleep. Décor Suggestion: Prioritize soft blues resembling a pristine sky for bedding and walls.

  2. Green Green is nature's emblem. Its therapeutic effect induces serenity. For bedroom tranquillity, sage green is preferable over brighter variants. Décor Suggestion: Integrate plants to subtly infuse green, enhancing the room's organic aura.

  3. Light Pink Though unconventional, light pink symbolizes tenderness and emits a serene aura. If your days are tumultuous, incorporate this soothing hue. Décor Suggestion: A pink-accented pillow or throw can transform the space's mood without overwhelming it.

  4. White White resonates with peace and optimism. Its crispness can be both comforting and invigorating. Décor Suggestion: A chic white duvet, coupled with matching furniture and a subdued rug, can set a serene tone.

  5. Beige The warm neutrality of beige epitomizes simplicity and tranquillity, a splendid counterpart to sage green. Décor Suggestion: Integrate beige through walls, linens, or furniture for a calming ambiance.


For a more detailed visual guide, our infographic below elucidates the colour-sleep connection further.

Colours That Disrupt Sleep Certain colours can inadvertently compromise sleep quality. Vibrant, dark shades often stir creativity and vigour, which might not be conducive for relaxation. Among the sleep disruptors are red, dark purple, brown, black, and bright orange.

However, every hue has its place. If you're captivated by a colour, explore its muted or lighter variants. For instance, instead of a bold purple, lavender might offer the desired aesthetic without disrupting sleep.

Crafting Your Perfect Sleep Haven To elevate your sleep experience, embrace these Rug Love suggestions:

  • Transition to softer, muted bedding colours.
  • Embrace complementary light shades while avoiding overly bright accents.
  • Matte finishes are preferable, as reflective surfaces can disturb sleep.
  • And remember, with the right colour palette, your bedding can be both stylish and conducive for rest. Dive into Rug Love's curated range of rugs for a super soft feel before you hop into bed.


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