Victoria @thisenglishhome

How would you describe your personal style? 

Answer – Mid-Century Monochrome with neatural touches + Lots of plants!

What’s one design “rule” or piece of advice you always follow?  

Answer: matte black detailing goes with everything (despite what my husband says!!)

In your opinion, what’s the key to creating a home you love?  

Answer: thinking first about how you want to use the space! Not how you want it to look. Work back from there.

What are some things in the interior design world you’re loving right now? 

Answer: I absolutely love the lime wash/ chalk wash technique. It adds effortless laid-back texture and reminds me of Roman fresco walls!

How did you get into interior design? Any advice for people who are passionate about design, but don’t know where to start? 

Answer: by accident! We tried to sell our old house, the sale fell through last minute…I gave myself £500 to do up 4 rooms and get it re-sold. I’d never even picked up so much as a paintbrush till then! I did it. It re-sold the same day we re-listed, for £7.5k more! My advice to anyone starting out would be to start small, and remember, most things can be painted over, removed, undone, sold on … mistakes are fixable so have fun!

What’s your favourite design project, DIY, or room you’ve ever done? 

Answer: oooo this is a hard one! I think the lounge/diner. It looks like a completely different house now! No structural works, just paint + soft furnishings. Close second would be our loft bedroom, it has a beautiful bespoke mural and lots of soft blankets.

What are you working on right now that you’re particularly excited about?

Answer: I’ve just finished a magnetic paint makeover that uses paint with iron particles and means you can stick panelling + even artwork to walls damage free using peel + stick magnets. After that…I’m working on some secret reveals! I also have really loved the new Rustoleum cupboard and furniture paints

Let’s talk rugs! What do you look for when choosing a rug?  

Answer: it needs to be beautiful but durable! We have three dogs. The lounge opens directly onto the garden and they trot in and out all day! It needs to stand the test of time but also, not be too costly because my tastes do change!

What do you feel like rugs can do for a room? 

Answer: in one move they can completely change a space. Rugs are an easy, budget friendly, removable way to create zoning without walls or partitions. My lounge and diner are open plan, but the lounge has a big RugLove Berber, whereas the dining space has a natural woven jute rug. It really helps separate the two spaces and give them different vibes. I regularly recommend people look down first when considering a makeover. It gets overlooked a lot, people rush to buy new paint + wallpaper but in my experience, a rug can be just as impactful.

Choosing the right rug can feel like a big decision! What advice do you have to pick out the perfect style?

Answer: again think about how you want to use the room. Is it for play? Or for relaxing? Is it a space you walk through a lot and need something light but robust? What kind of colours do you already have? Work backwards from there and rule out what wouldn’t work. I never use Pinterest because I get overwhelmed but I know lots find it useful!! 

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram? 

Answer: oh so so many! My whole follow list are people I love and admire. 

What’s your design pet peeve?  

Answer: I never really understood the floor to ceiling grey vibe. I need some tones and variation especially blacks and wood tones. Also mirrored furniture: impossible to keep free of finger prints.

What’s your design guilty pleasure?  

Answer: washi tape. I use it for everything!!

This or That! 

  • Neutral or bright?  -  neutral 
  • Jute/Natural or Cosy rugs?  - BOTH! Next to each other like my lounge!
  • Old or New - older the better! eBay and Facebook marketplace are your friends


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