Sarah @thecopperbeechhouse

How would you describe your personal style? 

Answer – Homely! I love a mix of styles and trends and go with whatever I’m drawn to at the time. Often a room can start with one item, and I’ll work around it. 

What’s one design “rule” or piece of advice you always follow?  

Answer - Don’t follow the trends unless you love them and they suit your home. Sometimes the classics work best for a reason, they’re classics! Changing your accessories is an easy way of nodding to trends or introducing a new theme or colour without too much effort or cost. Play around and use Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.

In your opinion, what’s the key to creating a home you love?  

Answer - Take your time to fill your home with things that make you happy. Use texture to create a cosy environment, it’s a cliché but it makes a huge different, add rugs, cushions and soft throws in a mix of materials.  It takes time and money but it soon comes together and like most things in life, it will be worth the wait.

What are some things in the interior design world you’re loving right now? 

Answer - The whole scandi trend is still huge and it’s so beautiful. The minimalist vibe wouldn’t suit us we’ve 2 young children but we can use elements.

How did you get into interior design? Any advice for people who are passionate about design, but don’t know where to start? 

Answer - I’ve always loved interiors since I was a child when my Mum said I could decorate my bedroom. I went for lime green wallpaper with silver swirls and a lava lamp! I loved it! I worked in fashion for 10 years as an assistant fashion buyer and have always been creative so, when we got the opportunity to build our own home I decided to start an Instagram account to document it all. Now we’re on our second home and I still love sharing our home, diys and ideas, it’s a brilliant creative outlet for me

What’s your favourite design project, DIY, or room you’ve ever done? 

Answer - Right now I’d have to say the outdoor kitchen we’ve just finished. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time and never thought we’d actually do it. We’ve just had a winter party and it was so much fun using it, roll on summer time when we can have bbqs. I also love the rattan panelling we did in the bedroom but my husband still isn’t sure on that diy! He’s wrong of course

What are you working on right now that you’re particularly excited about?

Answer - We’re at the stage where everything needs painting again or touching up. The house is ‘finished’ but for anyone like myself who loves interiors you’ll know it’s never finished really! I love trying new things and I’m always inspired by interior magazines. The next room to be done will be by 1 year old son’s room, he got his big brothers room so it would be nice to freshen it up and make it special for him

Let’s talk rugs! What do you look for when choosing a rug?  

Answer - Texture! I’ve a gorgeous boho rug at the back of the house and it’s where the kids sit and play and also where the dog sleeps during the day so it needed to be soft. We’ve just got a super sized jute rug and it’s incredible it’s transformed the space instantly. I’m going to use it outside in the summer too

What do you feel like rugs can do for a room? 

Answer - They can add a cosy feel if you’ve chosen something soft and snuggly and really bring the scheme together. They can make a room seem bigger or smaller too depending on what you need to do. The jute and boho rugs are a big trends that are here to stay, by adding them to your home you can update your look instantly.

Choosing the right rug can feel like a big decision! What advice do you have to pick out the perfect style?

Answer - Measure up twice! Size is key so mark it out on your floor with some tape or newspaper before you commit. Make sure your furniture will fit on it or around it and keep in mind how it will feel on bare feet

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram? 

  • @oakappledecor Marisa’s style is impeccable and her diys are amazing!

What’s your design pet peeve?  

Answer -  Can I say? All grey everything with lot of crystal accessories. 

What’s your design guilty pleasure?  

Answer - My husband would say dead plants and sticks

This or That! 

  • Neutral or bright?  - Both! Is that allowed

  • Jute/Natural or Cosy rugs?  - BOTH… depends on the room!

  • Old or New – BOTH… I love mixing the two together

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