Should a Runner Rug Cover the Whole Hallway?

Should a Runner Rug Cover the Whole Hallway?

When it comes to decorating your hallway, a runner rug is a fantastic way to add warmth, colour, and texture to the space. However, one common question we encounter at Rug Love is: Should a runner rug cover the whole hallway?

The answer lies in understanding the proportions of your space. When selecting a runner rug, the aim is to achieve a harmonious look that complements the dimensions of your hallway. A key interior design principle is to allow a margin of the hallway's flooring to frame the runner. Therefore, we recommend ensuring a minimum of 3 inches of the floor is visible on both sides of the runner. This not only creates a visually pleasing border but also helps to protect the edges of your runner from wear and tear.

In terms of length, the runner should not stretch the entire length of your hallway. Instead, it should be shorter by about 12 inches, allowing it to sit cantered and create a sense of balance in the walkway. This gap at either end of the runner is aesthetically pleasing and prevents the space from feeling overcrowded by the rug.

By following these guidelines, your runner will enhance the hallway, giving it character and a finished look without overpowering the area. At Rug Love, we believe that a well-chosen runner can be the perfect accessory for your hallway, inviting you to step into your home with comfort and style.


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Remember, the goal is to create a cohesive look that feels intentional and inviting. Happy rug shopping, and may your hallways always be a pathway to the heart of your home!


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