How Rugs are Woven

🌟 Discover the Artistry Behind Your Favourite Rugs at Rug Love 🌟

At Rug Love, we don't just provide rugs; we share the passion infused in their creation. Today, we're peeling back the layers on one of the most traditional techniques still alive in the industry: hand looming and flat weaving. These aren't just styles; they're centuries of history woven into stunning art for your floors.

👀 The Magic Behind Hand Looming and Flat Weave Rugs 👀

What makes these rugs genuinely exceptional? It's all in the meticulous process and skilled hands behind each weave. Crafted using a loom, these flat weave designs require 1-4 artisans depending on the rug's dimensions. In this technique, the yarn, or weft, is passed between the upper and lower warp threads. The artisan then uses a beater to compress the design, ensuring the weft and warp intertwine seamlessly.

This hands-on approach is what gives each rug its unique character, something that mass-produced items simply cannot replicate. The tight interlocking of the weft and warp threads not only creates the flat surface—cherished for its feel and durability—but also allows for vibrant, intricate designs that stand the test of time.

💡 Why Choose Hand Loomed and Flat Weave? 💡

When you choose one of these rugs, you're not just picking out décor. You're participating in a legacy of craftsmanship. You’re recognizing the intense labour and artistry that goes into each piece. These rugs fit beautifully in any space, offering both comfort and a conversation starter about their rich history.

Through your purchase, you support the talented individuals behind each creation, helping preserve an art form that has been passed down through generations. So, the next time you stand on a Rug Love piece, remember: you're not just on a rug. You're part of a story woven into the very fibres beneath your feet.

Experience the love, tradition, and craftsmanship with Rug Love’s hand-loomed and flat weave collection today. Because every weave matters, every pattern tells a story, and every purchase supports the hands that made it possible.

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