From Colour to Style: Choosing the Perfect Living Room Rug

A rug is an essential element of any living room. Not only does it add style and colour to your space, but it also helps define the room's overall layout. In this blog, we'll explore different living room rug colours and styles and where to place them for maximum impact.

Living Room Rug Colours

When choosing a rug colour for your living room, it's important to consider the room's overall colour scheme. If you have neutral walls and furniture, a bold-coloured rug can add a pop of colour to the space. Conversely, if you have brightly coloured walls or furniture, a neutral rug can help balance the room.

Here are some popular living room rug colour options:

  • Neutral: A beige or cream-coloured rug is a classic choice that complements any décor style.
  • Bold: A bright red or blue rug can add a vibrant pop of colour to a neutral living room.
  • Earthy: A rug in shades of green or brown can create a calming, natural vibe in your living room.
  • Patterned: A patterned rug can add visual interest to your living room and tie together different colours and textures in the space.

Living Room Rug Styles

Rug style is another important consideration when selecting a rug for your living room. The style of the rug should complement the overall décor style of the room. Here are some popular lounge rug styles:

  • Traditional: A rug with a traditional pattern, such as a Persian or Oriental rug, can add elegance and sophistication to a living room.
  • Modern: A rug with a bold geometric pattern or a simple, minimalist design can create a contemporary feel in your living room.
  • Bohemian: A rug with a colourful, eclectic pattern can add a bohemian vibe to your living room.
  • Natural: A rug made of natural fibers, such as jute or sisal, can create a rustic, organic feel in your living room.

Where to Place Your Living Room Rug!

Once you've selected your rug, it's important to consider where to place it in your living room. Here are some placement options:

  • Centered: Place the rug in the center of the room so that it's the focal point of the space.
  • Partially Under Furniture: Place the front legs of your furniture on the rug so that the rug extends partially under the furniture.
  • All Furniture on Rug: Place all of your living room furniture on the rug so that it creates a cohesive grouping.
  • Runner: Place a runner rug along a hallway or behind a sofa to add visual interest and definition to the space.


A rug is a key element of any living room décor. When selecting a rug, consider the room's overall colour scheme, décor style, and placement. Whether you choose a bold, patterned rug or a neutral, natural fibre rug, your living room rug is sure to add style and warmth to your space.

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