Do Rug Dimensions Include Tassels

Rug Love: Decoding Rug Dimensions – To Fringe or Not To Fringe?

Rugs possess an allure, a certain je ne sais quoi, that enhances the ambiance of our homes. But when it comes to selecting or understanding your rug's true dimensions, a recurring question often arises: "Do rug dimensions include the fringe?" Welcome to another edition of Rug Love, where we dispel myths and bring clarity to your rug-related queries.


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The Heart of the Matter: Measuring Rug Dimensions

When you're introduced to a beautiful rug, adorned with decorative fringes that cascade gracefully around its edges, it might be tempting to include them in the overall measurement. However, the industry standard is clear: the fringe is not included in the main measurement of a rug.

Why Exclude the Fringe?

  1. Consistency Across Measurements: Not all rugs come with fringes, so excluding them ensures that measurements remain consistent across all types of rugs, ensuring a uniform comparison for consumers.

  2. Aesthetic vs. Functional Considerations: Fringes often serve an aesthetic purpose rather than a functional one. Including them in measurements could be misleading since they don't always contribute to the functional space the rug covers.

  3. Wear and Tear: Over time, fringes might wear out, get damaged, or even be removed for a variety of reasons. By not including them in the primary measurement, the essential size of the rug remains constant, regardless of the fringe's condition.

How to Measure Your Rug Correctly:

  1. Equip Yourself: Arm yourself with a reliable tape measure that can lie flat against your rug.
  2. Positioning: Ensure you're measuring the main body of the rug, starting and ending where the textile portion does, without the fringes.
  3. Double-Check: For accuracy, it's always wise to measure twice. This ensures you have the right dimensions, especially when making decisions about room placements or purchasing rug pads.

Fringes: The Beautiful Appendages

While we don't count fringes in the primary dimensions, it's undeniable that they add a distinct character to rugs. They can convey a sense of tradition, a vintage feel, or even a bohemian flair. So, while they might not be a part of the 'size,' they're certainly a significant part of a rug's soul.

Concluding Thoughts: Beyond the Numbers

In the world of rugs, numbers and dimensions are essential, but the story doesn't end there. Every rug carries with it tales of craftsmanship, tradition, and design. At Rug Love, we're committed to helping you understand every nuance of these beautiful floor adornments, ensuring that the rugs you choose are perfect in every dimension.

Remember, when it comes to rug dimensions, leave the fringes out of the equation, but never out of your heart.

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