Creating the Perfect Boho Patio: A Guide

Have you ever dreamt about creating an outdoor space that's just as inviting, unique, and comforting as the inside of your home? A boho patio might be just what you're looking for! This particular style, which was inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, emphasizes individual expression, warmth, colour, and a certain free-spirited charm. In this blog post, we'll guide you on how to transform your patio into a boho paradise.


Step 1: Start with a Colour Palette

The boho style is all about rich and vibrant colours. While there's no strict rule about which colours to use, opt for those that evoke a sense of warmth and cosiness. Earthy tones like browns, deep reds, and oranges work well, as do jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue. Don't be afraid to mix and match - the boho style thrives on diversity and the unexpected!

Step 2: Choose the Right Furniture

The boho aesthetic appreciates vintage, handmade, and reclaimed items, which makes shopping for furniture an exciting treasure hunt. Look for pieces with interesting textures, such as a wicker or rattan chair, a rustic wooden table, or a vintage metal lantern. An outdoor daybed or hammock can also be a fantastic addition to a boho patio. It's more about comfort and style than matching sets or formal arrangement.

Step 3: Layer with Textiles

No boho patio would be complete without an abundance of cosy, colourful textiles. Use throws, outdoor rugs, cushions, and tapestries to add colour, texture, and pattern to your space. Opt for natural materials like cotton or wool, and don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. A Moroccan or Persian rug can add an instant touch of boho chic to your patio.

Step 4: Incorporate Plants

A true boho patio is a little wild and full of life. Adding plants not only brings in a touch of nature but also purifies the air and makes your patio feel more welcoming. Consider potted succulents, hanging plants, and exotic flowers to create an oasis of green. Macramé plant hangers can add an extra touch of boho flair.

Step 5: Use Eclectic Accessories

The final step to creating a boho patio is adding those unique, personal touches that make the space truly yours. Consider using string lights or lanterns for a cosy evening glow. Use ceramic pots, stone sculptures, or painted wooden signs to add visual interest. And don't forget about a speaker for your favourite tunes or a good book for relaxing afternoons.

In the end, remember that the boho style is all about expressing your personal style and creating a space where you feel relaxed and at home. Don't feel the need to follow rules or trends too strictly - make your boho patio your own, and it's sure to be a place you'll love spending time in.

Happy decorating from Rug Love! Enjoy your boho patio journey, and don't forget to share your progress with us along the way!

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